Madeline Goshorn

Maddy plays FBI Special Agent DOLORES NAYLE, leader of the team trying to catch the vicious murderer codenamed "Odysseus." She's a versatile and talented voice actor, and we are lucky to have her on our team. You can hear more of Maddy on her Soundcloud account --


Cassie Leigh

Cassie plays FBI Special Agent CHLOE SYKES, Dolores' partner. She is a fantastic actress with a wide emotional range. Keep your eyes and ears on her. This isn't the last you'll hear!


rock erekson

Rock voices investigative journalist JACK DANFORTH. His previous voice roles include Captain Jack Harkness and Commissioner Gordon, along with his original project, SEM. Learn more about Rock at his official website, here --



Mike's doing triple duty as our sound engineer, executive producer, and the voice of the enigmatic serial killer nick-named "ODYSSEUS." Check out his website --


Jack joins the cast all the way from the U.K., where he currently resides. He plays the role of mysterious art agent JOHN WERECUSP. You can hear some of his commercial work here --


Caitlin lends us her talent as BRIANNA SCHWARZMAN, an important witness for the investigation. Hear some of her audiobook and video game work at her homepage --


Alex plays PROFESSOR ASHTON SMITH, a person of interest in the team's investigation. Learn more about Alex at his IMDB page --


It wouldn't be Lovecraftian without an East Coaster in the mix! Peter spices up our production by helping us out with various "walk-on voices," including DETECTIVE DERLETH of the Salem, MA police department. He has a background in audiobook narration and video game voice work.  His homepage is here --

He's also the host of The Vocal Booth vlog, dedicated to interviewing narrators from across the country. --


AKA "Pegasynth Elstrohea," Ryan hails from New Brunswick, Canada, and is composing a lot of our original soundtrack. You can hear more of his music on Soundcloud --

or YouTube --


Robert is the writer, producer, and possibly director of THE LOVECRAFT COVENANT (we're still wrangling over the admin stuff). He optioned a screenplay after less than a year of living in Los Angeles, and that, of course, went nowhere.  He's also placed highly in two national screenwriting contests, and recently sold his Lovecraftian short story, "The Night Garden" to UNDER THE BED magazine. He's proud of what he's done here, and humbled that such a talented cast and crew are willing to help him bring this project to life.

You can check out some of his freelance writing for here --



Jim rounds out our voice cast in a Role That Shall Not Be Named (until the stars are right!). His previous work includes The Thundermans, The WiseGuys, and Weeds. You can learn more about Jim right here. --


Natalie is an actress, writer, and producer who joins our voice cast in a mystery role. We can't reveal her character's name, lest it spoil the surprise the Old Ones have prepared for you. Suffice it to say, though, Natalie is a versatile talent, and we are lucky to have her on board. You can learn more about Natalie at her official website,